How to create a Blog quickly


  • Docker
  • A server with already pointing at it
  • 5-10 minutes

Like my previous article, we are going to use Docker and an official image from the Docker Hub. So I will consider first that you are familiar with Docker and have it installed on your server.

So for your blog, I am proposing to use the blog system called Ghost. Based on Node.js, it seems to be a modern and a very straightforward solution to anyone willing to start a blog. This is what this blog is using too.
The Ghost developers also offer to host on their website, or if you just want more info:

Now here is the process, first, we create a folder blog and a script Then we just run the script. Et voila. :)

mkdir /blog && cd /blog
echo docker run -d --name ghost -p 80:2368  -e url= -v /blog/content:/var/lib/ghost/content --restart=always ghost:alpine >
chmod +x

You can visit and see your blog in action.

Note: For those who want to use https (and I would strongly recommend you do), I will treat the subject on how to get an SSL certificate for free in a future article.

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